About I.-R.A.S.C.

I.-R.A.S.C. (2002-2007)
Infra-red light against surveillance cameras

The device developed by U.R.A. / FILOART  offers the public reliable protection against governmental security measures and those of other surveillance agencies. It is the first device against the video surveillance.

The I-R.A.S.C. offers security from security, and doing reveals the discrepancy in power, between the state and the individual. The I-R.A.S.C. do not only demonstrates systems of interaction, developed specifically for surveillance purposes between humans and machines, but also between machines themselves. This absurd accumulation of technology is symptomatic, for although the security measures are supposedly for the good of the people. The individual is considered always less in current security concepts.
I.-R.A.S.C. can be made by anybody, no special skills are required. The device radiates infrared light disrupting the reception of infrared surveillance cameras. A sphere of light covers the face of the person under surveillance and as the interaction is invisible to the human eye (at a frequency between 780nm and 1mm), the individual is unaware of what is going on i.e. he don’t see the infrared rays emitted by either the surveillance camera or the I-R.A.S.C..



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