I.-R.A.S.C. II F.C.P.

I.-R.A.S.C. II F.C.P. (2008) Infra-red light against surveillance cameras II face care & protect I.-R.A.S.C. II F.C.P. is a multi-functional device offering citizens reliable protection from the state’s security measures. There is a small difference between the I.-R.A.S.C. and  I.-R.A.S.C. II F.C.P. While at the I.-R.A.S.C. the infrared light spot shines from the forehead of the users to the front of the user, by the I.-R.A.S.C. II F.C.P. infrared light is installed on the body of the user and the spotlight is directed to his face. I.-R.A.S.C. II F.C.P. for the difference to the I.-R.A.S.C., except that shields the user from infra-red surveillance cameras, I.-R.A.S.C. II F.C.P. can be used also for medical purposes. For example, infra-red rays help to heal the wounds much faster then if they heal from themselves. Infra-red light helps also to reduce the wrinkles.

interaktionSubversiv Messe Linz


IRASC Linz ineraktiv 02




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