I.-R.A.S.C. [i-rás]  (2002-2007)
Infra-red light against surveillance cameras

Construction Manual
I.-R.A.S.C. is a device that can protect reliably against infra-red surveillance cameras.
The device is quickly assembled and can be easily self-made. You need an infra-red light (Fig.1) and a battery corresponding to the light intensity (Fig.2). You need a cable (Fig.3) with two lines  (+ and -) in order to connect the infra-red light with the battery. Once the connection made between the battery and the infra-red light, I.-R.A.S.C. start to shine.
In order to turn the device on and off, a switch can be built in. You might as well connect and disconnect with the battery to switch on and off.
To be well protected from Infra-red surveillance cameras you need powerful infra-red LED-s. If necessary, you can use several infra-red LED-s in a row. For proper use the of the I.-R.A.S.C., the light needs to sit on your forehead. Therefore attach the device on a headband (Fig.4), a cap or hat – use your fantasy.

I.-R.A.S.C. Assambly


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